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There is no shortage of career “experts” on the Internet promising readers information as to how to land great jobs.

The shortage is in the the jobs themselves.
A combination of technological advances and cheap overseas labor has left millions of Americans on the short end of the labor market and the situation is only growing worse.

Studies say that by the year 2020 fully 40 percent of U.S. workers will be freelancers in a constant stage of looking for work. Translation: the workers of the future must learn to create their own jobs.

Thus, the formation of Job Notion.
We believe that with the right tools and personal support you will become the job that you are looking for.
At Job Notion you now have the opportunity to build personal groups of people whose skills complement your own so that your combined abilities will create new and exciting enterprises that will keep you all employed as your own bosses.

All of the services of Job Notion are free.

You have arrived at our exciting Beta stage.

Sign up now and be one of our first members.

Join others for the launch of this exciting journey.
P.S. You don’t have to leave your job to build a new one.

Join a team on Job Notion now and beginning developing an exciting enterprise and a self-driven, self empowering future. Your team will support you and it can be kept confidential.

P.S.S. It just takes a few clicks to start sharing your abilities with team members whose skills complement yours. You may bring different skills to the table but you all share one goal–that is to once and for all take control of your lives.
All this at no charge to you. Yikes! What are you waiting for? Get to know us now.